Training and Placement

Training and Placement department helps preparing engineering graduates and passed out students in finding suitable jobs in reputed organizations. This cell works out placement strategies based on current as well as further job markets and takes into account the emerging job profile so that these may provide upward mobility in the career-graphs of our students. Invitations are sent to the prospective companies / organizations along with all relevant information to participate in the campus recruitment.

Regular correspondence is maintained with various industries. Personal visits by the Training and Placement Officer, to many companies also serves to build and maintain relations with the companies. The cell maintains a branch -wise list of industries and encourages students to approach the companies independently in case that particular company does not have a policy of Campus Recruitment.

The cell maintains a branch-wise record of all current appearing students in the Final Year through the collection of their resumes. Based on the requirements prescribed by the company, the eligible candidates are invited for appearing for the test/interviews that are conducted by the visiting companies. The Training and Placement Cell also maintains a list of past students and passes this list to companies who specifically come for pass-out students.

The Training and Placement Cell looks after all arrangements to be made for the purpose of conducting campus interviews including everything from, the Pre-Placement Talk, to the written tests, to the final interviews. The Training and Placement Cell firmly believes in taking feedback from the companies that have visited since the feedback from the company serves as a yardstick regarding the performance of the students.This helps the Training and Placement Cell in concentrating on various areas for improvement in the students. We believe that our students are like 'uncut diamonds' that need to be guided in the right direction to acquire their lustre.

Campus Recruitment Process

Requirements of a company are received by Training and Placement Cell for campus recruitment. The circular is sent to department heads and students about the recruitment. The department shortlists the candidates and send the same to the Training and Placement Cell. The list of students will be forwarded to the recruiting company.

Off Campus Recruitment

The Training and Placement Cell will shortlist the students from the database matching the company requirements and sends the list to recruiting company or institution for further action.

Eligibility Criteria for Placements

Eligibility and CGPA as per the respective companies’ criteria.

Placement Policies

> Companies are expected to give a Pre-Placement Talk [PPT] laying out the details of the company and the offer before the process.
> Once the student appears for the process, the student cannot reject the offer made by the company.
> In case, if a company has a specific requirement / request, the Training and Placement Cell has all the rights to nominate a set / individual student(s) and it is mandatory that student/s has to attend the interview. In case selected and an offer is made, then student is free to decide about the same.
> Each student shall be eligible for only one offer. Till a confirmed offer letter is accepted by the student offered by the company.
> The appointment letter(s) will be in the custody of the Training and Placement Cell and will be handed over to the student only at the end of the course.
> All correspondence to and from the company will be routed through the Training and placement cell only.


Students Placed Data

Image Name Batch Company
S.Pradeep Chand 2009-2013 BATCH SLN Enterprises
A.K.Parvathy 2009-2013 BATCH Lacatyle
C.M. Jasbin Subitha 2009-2013 BATCH Kochar, Infotech
I.L.Miliya 2009-2013 BATCH Sak Robotics
C.Selva Michael 2009-2013 BATCH Hindustan Times
A.Asif 2009-2013 BATCH SLN Enterprises
N.Mugesh 2009-2013 BATCH SLN Enterprises
J.Jeba Jinil 2009-2013 BATCH SLN Enterprises