The Science and Humanities Department of Lord Jegannath College of Engineering and Technology aims at facilitating students with the recent concepts of modern education paving way to enhance not only their intellectual needs but also to help them face the challenges of modern life. The department is really proud of possessing a set of intelligent and proactive staff that are ready to lift the morale of students who hail from different levels of society. Despite the presence of so many other colleges in the district, it has produced better results and stands head and shoulder above quite a few colleges in the locality. The department is really proud of having good lab facilities and a fool-proof system to get the best out of students.


The Science and Humanities Department handles the following language and subjects that are taught by highly qualified and efficient staff :


• Technical English

• Mathematics

• Engineering Physics

• Engineering Chemistry




• To provide students a launch-pad for technical education

• To develop innovative thinking and communicative skills

• To instill all good traits in students to become better citizens