The objective of M.E. Computer Science and Engineering program is to impart deeper understanding of upcoming computer technologies and to promote research in this area. This program will provide an opportunity to the aspiring graduate engineers to enhance their qualification. It will help in developing the skills desired by teachers for training undergraduate computer science & engineering course and also imparting knowledge that would meet the fast and ever changing requirements of computer science industry.


The M.E in Computer Science and Engineering discipline is to produce postgraduates with advanced knowledge in one or more core areas of Computer Science. This program is aimed at providing the manpower required to meet the industry needs , to pursue research in specialized areas and to meet the growing needs of trained faculty in this field. The program has been designed to enable the candidates to acquire practice oriented knowledge. Candidates will be having opportunity to tailor their studies to a particular area related to computer science by choosing specific subjects.


Our CSE Department focus is on computational approaches for engineering problems: the formulation and implementation of new approaches that are more efficient and capable; and the informed application of existing approaches to important engineering questions. We strive to maintain a highly effective graduate program.we educate highly effective and successful undergraduates and graduate students; and we engage broadly across the campus, within the region, nationally, and internationally. Computer science and computer engineering are changing the world. Our CSE department is also helping to drive this revolution.




The program covers but not limited to below specified courses:


High Performance Computer Architecture
Cryptography and Networks Security
Data Warehousing and Mining
Object Oriented Software Engineering
Wireless Communication & Mobile Computing
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Parallel and Distributed Computing
Internet and Web Technology