The Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Lord Jegannath college of Engineering and Technology was officially established in the year 2006, since then the various activities performed by the department has been a success and the year 2009-2010 has taken the department to new heights. The department currently holds 14 staff members out of which two are Professors. We strive to maintain a highly effective graduate program. The broad mission of the CSE is on the development of the “next generation” of CSE innovators and CSE innovations.


Our CSE Department focus is on computational approaches for engineering problems: the formulation and implementation of new approaches that are more efficient and capable; and the informed application of existing approaches to important engineering questions. We strive to maintain a highly effective graduate program.we educate highly effective and successful undergraduates and graduate students; and we engage broadly across the campus, within the region, nationally, and internationally. Computer science and computer engineering are changing the world. Our CSE department is also helping to drive this revolution.


Technical Leadership: Creating Breakthroughs


Our faculty and students have conducted significant research advancing the state of the art across the principal areas of the field. We have 14 faculty members and have made important hires in the past few years to increase our breadth and depth. Our CSE faculties are internationally known for their contributions in key technical areas including:


Artificial intelligence, robotics and machine learning
Operating systems, networks and distributed systems
Computer graphics, computer vision and animation
Human-computer interaction and ubiquitous computing
Wireless Sensor Networks
RFID Security and privacy
Theory of computation
Programming systems and programming languages
Computer architecture
Embedded systems, VLSI, and reconfigurable computing
Databases, information retrieval, and intelligent Internet systems
Software engineering
Computing for health care and for the developing world