The civil course was started during the year 2011 under Anna University, Chennai with an intake of sixty students. Civil engineering is one of the oldest streams of engineering of all. It is sometimes referred as the mother of all branches, has the widest application base of all branches. It includes areas such as structures, fluid mechanics, dynamics, estimation, design, analyzing processes, and many more. Civil engineers are the pillars in development of various engineering structures.With time the role and scope of civil engineering has crossed boundaries. It has gone way beyond its traditional fact and is applied virtually in almost all industries. It has made an entry in the field of nanotechnology; development of composite materials, environmental conversations etc. Civil engineers are involved with seeking new knowledge through research, creative design and development and with the construction, control and management that are needed by users.


The course has proved to be very beneficial in forming the personality of a student as a practicing engineer and to give insight to understand and acquire engineering skills. The industrial training has been very beneficial in getting employment opportunities for the students.


our mISSION & vision


MISSION : Prepare students for a career in industry, academia, R&D and government by developing necessary technical capabilities and interpersonal skills in them.


VISION  : Empowering the masses to achieve economic and social freedom through technical and management education.