Facilities of Aeronautical Engineering department  


Aircraft Structures Lab - I To study the different load acting on the structure Beam test apparatus, Cantilever Beam, Column test apparatus, Strain gauge test setup
Aircraft Structures Lab - II To study the different load acting on the structure Shear centre open section,Shear centre close section, Unsymmetrical bending,Wagner Beam, Combined loading setup, Polariscope, Tele Microscope, Oblique incidence
Aircraft Propulsion Lab To study the behavior air flow of engine Natural convection apparatus, Forced convection apparatus,FreeJet/WallJet apparatus
Aero Engine Repair and Maintenance Lab To disassembly and carry out inspection on various engine components Turboprop engine, Piston engine
Aircraft System Lab To study different system of aircraft Piston engine aircraft
Aircraft Component Drawing To introduce the concept of design of basic structural components and to draft both manually and using modeling package Drawing Boards, Drafting machines, AUTO CAD Software
CAD / CAM lab To teach and train the students in the lab about the design and drafting of aero components. To Modeling packages (Pro E & CATIA), CAM Software & ANSYS.